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Kategorie Hackschnitzel, Rinde, Sägemehl, Späne
Art Sägespäne
Herkunft Ungarn


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Holzart Europäisches Nadelholz
Holzart brown wood pellets
I would like to recommend the new product of our company Sylvestris Kft.

(HUNGARY , 2724 Újlengyel Tsz Major 1.) to your attention.

Our company is expected to start production of hypoallergenic, dust-, mite- and bacteria-free poplar wood shavings.

Thanks to a special closed technological process, we can guarantee that the wood chips are free of bacteria and organic cells.

Wood shavings litter will spend approximately 70-80 minutes in a special 140-150 Celsius hot air belt dryer (that is 60 meters long.)

Our drying equipment is already installed.

After drying, in a closed system, we separate oversized pieces of shavings and dust with a multi-functional sieve line.

Oversized pieces are cut to the right size in a chipper with a hammer drum sieve, from which the shavings are returned to the sieve line.

After a line of sieves, they are packed in polyethylene bags in compacted bales.

Bale around 320-330 liter, size 800x400x250mm.

There are 33 bales on 1 pallet.

Covering foil on pallets and foiling all around, unfinished stacks can even be stored outdoor.

A complete truck will be loaded with 1089 pc of 330 liter bales on 33 pallets.

Our plans include making our product available in smaller packaging.

Our planned monthly capacity is 150,000 bales, approx. 3000 tons.

The production will take place with the support and continuous control of the Hungarian Medical University.

Here you are the whole support letter in english:

"Judging Committee

Subject: Letter of support

I respectfully inform you that Sylvestis Kft. and the University of Veterinary Medicine,

Veterinary Medicine Clinic, are developing a new product, the hypoallergenic, dust-, mite- and bacteria-free Wood Shaving Litter.

The product will be available in two sizes, packaging and, if required, in a unique scented form.

Wood Shaving Litter can be used both for small and farm animals.

The extraordinary advantage of the product over the currently used traditional straw is that it is heat-treated,

dried and 100% guaranteed to be used, for example, as a means of protection against bird flu.

I make my expert work, opinions and experiences available in the Laboratory of Farm Animal Medicine and the laboratory to be set up by the manufacturer.

I provide my personal participation in research and development projects for the further regular testing

and development of the product and for the success of the project.

Based on all of this, given the usefulness of the product for the national economy,

We will fully support the implementation of the project. "

As we spoke by phone I am sending our offer for FTL woodshaving

We can load 33 pallets on the truck.

1 pallet= 33 bales

1 bales = around 320-330 liter

1 ready-made bale approx. 300-330 liters, size 800x400x250mm, a total of 30 or 33 bales are placed on 1 pallet.

A covering foil is placed on the pallets and they are completely covered with foil, even unfinished pallets can be stored in the yard.

Complete truck quantity: 990 or 1089 bales.

In the future, we will also make our product available in smaller packaging: 1, 2, 4 kg packages.

Our planned monthly capacity is 150,000 bales, approx. 3000 tons.

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