Bretter, Kiefer - Föhre, Fichte , Thermisch Behandelt - Thermoholz

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Art Bretter
Holzart Europäisches Nadelholz
Holzart Kiefer (Pinus sylvestris) - Föhre, Fichte (Picea abies)
Hauptmerkmal Thermisch behandelt - Thermoholz
Herkunft Finnland


Volumen 25 - 1000 m3 pro Monat Konvertieren
Dicke 20-75 mm  Konvertieren
Breite 50-200 mm Konvertieren
Länge 2700-5700 mm Konvertieren
Sortierregeln Nordic TC (Blaues Buch) Sortierregeln
Qualität AB
Behandlung HB: Hitze behandelt
Trocknung Künstlich getrocknet (KD)
Feuchtegehalt 4-7 %
Zertifizierung PEFC, FSC
ThermoWood is a remarkable and environmentally friendly wood product created through a scientific process known as thermowood production. This method has been in use for several decades but has recently gained significant popularity due to its sustainability benefits.

ThermoWood is essentially natural wood that undergoes a transformation using heat, steam, and water at controlled temperatures between 180 to 215°C. Importantly, no chemicals are used in this process. The result is a durable and eco-friendly material with enhanced properties, including improved dimensional stability and thermal insulation.

Unlike regular wood, ThermoWood does not contain natural resins or formaldehydes, making it lighter and smoother to the touch. It acquires a warm caramel color after processing but may gradually turn grey when exposed to UV radiation.

ThermoWood excels in environments with extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations, making it ideal for outdoor applications like cladding, decking, balconies, fences, and saunas. Its aesthetic appeal, environmental friendliness, and stability also make it a popular choice in modern interior design.

The manufacturing process adheres to strict quality standards, developed by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). ThermoWood is sourced from sustainable forests in Northern Europe, ensuring responsible forestry practices.

Advantages of ThermoWood:

Durability: ThermoWood's exceptional durability stems from the removal of substances that attract fungi, bacteria, and insects. Its low moisture content further contributes to its long-term resilience.

Dimensional Stability: ThermoWood experiences minimal shrinkage, swelling, bending, or warping compared to untreated wood due to chemical changes that improve its stability.

Sustainability: ThermoWood is environmentally friendly, as it's produced without the need for chemicals and uses wood from responsibly managed forests. It also has a prolonged lifecycle and helps reduce carbon emissions in the construction industry.

Natural and Healthy: ThermoWood is free of resins and formaldehydes, making it antibacterial and suitable for individuals with wood allergies. It emits a positive and calming ambiance.

Aesthetic Quality: ThermoWood has a soft texture, pleasant scent, and a caramel brown color. It can turn grey over time or be coated with pigmented stain or paint for preservation or color change.

Easy Maintenance: Due to the absence of natural resins, ThermoWood doesn't leak sap, making it suitable for coatings that extend its lifespan. However, coating is optional, as ThermoWood is naturally durable.

Better Thermal Insulation: ThermoWood boasts superior thermal insulation properties compared to regular wood, making it cost-effective for doors, cladding, windows, and saunas.

Other Qualities: ThermoWood has a lower density than untreated wood, affecting screw holding strength. It also has improved fire resistance, and its plasticity decreases after processing, making it unsuitable for heavy load-bearing structures without additional support.

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Verkauft bevorzugt in Afrika, Asien, Europa, Nordamerika, Südamerika, Ozeanien


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