1 Schicht Massivholzplatten, Eiche

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Massivholzplatten 1 Schicht Massivholzplatten
Massivholztyp Europäisches Laubholz
Holzart Eiche


Volumen 20 - 100 m3 Spot - 1 Mal Konvertieren
Fuge Keilgezinkle Lamellen (Mehrteilige Lamellen)
Dicke 18; 26; 27; 38; 40 mm  Konvertieren
Breite 200-1250 mm Konvertieren
Länge 800-4000 mm Konvertieren
Qualität B/C
Zertifizierung FSC
Kleber D3/D4
Naturality and simplicity at every stage of life …

At every step of your life, naturality goes into the foreground and the importance of wood grows. In homes, offices, public spaces and industrial packaging, wood offers all its strength and splendid sustainability to humanity.

It reveals the natural beauty of life. BLG , which serves many domestic and foreign markets in solid wood panel sector, has an annual production capacity of 10.000 m3 solid panels in its factory located in Bursa.

The fact that the production facilities are in Bursa, the proximity to the ports of Gemlik and Mudanya, saves time and money in product transportation. In addition to this, on-time delivery of jobs with a rapid and quality production of work constitutes the corporate marketing principles of BLG .

BLG adopts win-win service philosophy; BLG aims to win its client first and then earn money.

BLG has ISO 9001, ISO: 14001 for the production of solid wood panels. It continues its activities to design and produce all kinds of innovative products that Turkish and many major European companies need in solid wood panels.

It is also aims to grow as a productive company and to provide sectoral development while providing support to the growth of related companies. Combining world-class production quality with total quality awareness, BLG aims to raise the standard quality threshold with continuous training programs.

At the same time, the long-term use of high-quality GLOPAN products contributes to the realization of an important mission in protecting the balance of nature.

BLG knows very well that you need to love wood to handle wood. Wood has been a passion for us for 55 years. That is why we have always used advanced technology for years. We have always produced this most valuable product of nature by working with high-qualit

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