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Art Inverters


Hauptmaterialart Legierung
Volumen 1 - 10000 Stücke Spot - 1 Mal Konvertieren
We produce and supply high voltage and low voltage inverters.
In modern industrial applications, the inverter has many advantages: through the frequency conversion and speed regulation, it can set the corresponding torque limit to protect the machinery from damage, so as to ensure the continuity of the process and the reliability of the products.In the frequency converter speed regulation, the stop mode can be controlled, and there are different stop modes available.For example, deceleration parking, free parking, deceleration stop home DC braking.The departure fan or water pump can greatly reduce the energy consumption, which has been withdrawn in more than ten years of engineering experience.Since the final energy consumption is faster than the speed of the motor, the return on investment after frequency conversion is faster.In addition, the inverter also has reversible operation control, reduce mechanical transmission components, start needs lower power, controllable acceleration function, adjustable operation speed, control the starting current of the motor, reduce the power line voltage fluctuation.

Preise & Konditionen

Preis 16000 EUR pro Stücke Konvertieren
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