Lärche , Kiefer - Föhre, Belag (2 Abgestumpfte Kanten)

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Holztyp Massivholz
Massivholztyp Europäisches Nadelholz
Holzart Lärche (Larix spp.), Kiefer (Pinus sylvestris) - Föhre
Art Belag (2 abgestumpfte Kanten)


Volumen 2 40'Container pro Monat Konvertieren
Breite 120; 142 mm Konvertieren
Länge 3000-6000 mm Konvertieren
Dicke 27; 28 mm  Konvertieren
We sell pine deep impregnated terrace board (green and brown). Colors are for design and fashion only. The age of the board is not affected. Wood is impregnated in a deep way, protecting it from pests, rot and mold. This type of patio boards, while requiring seasonal maintenance, is attractive in price and appearance. The surface of the terrace is corrugated, but on the other side you can use a flat surface, on the surface of a 120 mm wide board - there are, 16-19 bangles. For those who like longevity, we offer a larch terrace board. Larch serves twice as long as a conifer terrace, more suitable for bridges where there is close contact with water.

Green corrugated terrace 28 × 120 pine
Brown corrugated terrace 28 × 120 pine
27x142x3000 mm (length)
28 × 120 pine

* Length range, mm: *****

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