Birke Holzkohle

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Kategorie Pellets, Bricketts und Kohle
Art Holzkohle


Volumen - m3 Spot - 1 Mal
Holzart Europäisches Laubholz
Holzart Birke
Beschreibung Charcoal is a microporous, high-carbon product formed by pyrolysis of wood without air access.
Coal burns at temperatures in excess of 1100 ° C.
Finished coal is composed primarily of carbon.
The advantage of using charcoal instead of conventional wood burning is the absence of water and other components.
This allows charcoal to burn at higher temperatures and emits very little smoke (regular wood gives off large amounts of steam, organic volatiles and unburned carbon particles).
Charcoal is perfect for grilling, barbecue, etc.
Filler for a cat's tray, so that the house is clean, odor-free and the animal likes it.
Packing under the customer, Any size, weight, volume.

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