Bretter, Dielen, Doussie

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Art Bretter, Dielen
Holzart Afrikanisches Laubholz
Holzart Doussie (Afzelia, Lingue, Apa, Chanfuta)


Volumen 2 - - 40'Container pro Monat
Dicke - mm
Breite - mm
Länge - mm
Sortierregeln -
Qualität -
Trocknung Künstlich getrocknet (KD)
  • Spezifikationsdatei1
  • Beschreibung Wood is a natural product, features, depending on the species, different patterns and shades, always with an incomparable beauty and distinction.

    Globaldis have normally in stock a wide range of wood species, certified or controlled, from North America, South America, Africa and Europe origin. Furthermore, Globaldis have the optimum conditions, capacity and expertise to sawing and cutting the wood as well as for drying wood, at the moisture content and dimensions requested by their customers.

    Over 40 species available, the timber may be provided in log or lumber and is essential for the manufacture of numerous products in the furniture field, for interior and exterior floorings, for the interior (including decoration) and exterior cladding and for the implementation of structures and buildings in wood for the construction industry.

    Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ™, the bet of Globaldis follow in the direction to promote the FSC® and PEFC™ certified wood ™ (coming from sustainably managed forests). These entities also ensure that the route of the raw materials from the forest to the final consumer is done in a responsible way without endangering forests.

    Afzelia has a medium gloss and a slightly thick texture. As the wood is strong and hard, it is one of the exotic wood species with a great potential for application, being suitable for shipbuilding, stairways, panels, beams, furniture and flooring. Its figurative appearance and its brown - reddish brown colour make it the ideal choice for interiors which stand out for their distinction.

    Durability: Very good
    Impregnability: Weak
    Drying: Slow, with caution, with important shrinkage
    Arching: Good (with steam)
    Machining: Good
    Finishing: Good
    Gluing: Medium
    Nailing: Good, needs pre-drilling
    Bolting: Good, requires pre-drilling
    Veneer: Interesting in flat cutting

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