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Kategorie Pellets, Bricketts und Kohle
Art Holzpellets


Volumen 17 - 200 m3 Spot - 1 Mal
Holzart Europäisches Nadelholz
Holzart Lärche (Larix spp.)
Beschreibung Pini Kay TNVED code 440139000000
Pini Kay are fuel briquettes that are obtained from the processing of wood waste. They are ecological solid fuel for different stoves, fireplaces and boilers. They are used for various purposes and types of devices. They are an excellent alternative to fossil fuels such as coal, gas, fuel oil and others.
Advantages of Pini Kay:
- The calorific value reaches 5000-5200 kcal, which is 20-25% higher than that of ordinary wooden firewood.
- Ecological purity - glue bases and chemical additives are not used in production of briquettes.
- Almost complete combustion - Pini Kay fuel briquettes form a minimum amount of ash. It should also be noted the minimum amount of resins emitted, which reduces the frequency of cleaning stoves, fireplaces and boilers.
- Smooth burning - Pini Kay briquettes do not "shoot", do not scatter burning coals, and provide an even flame.
- Processability - if necessary, the briquetted fuel can be sawed (if it does not fit in the furnace).
- The internal humidity is about 4%.

It is possible to produce any size and any filling to customer's order.

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