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Land Polen
Unternehmensaktivität Sägewerke


Jahres-Umsatz 1605000 EUR
eigene Gebäudefläche 1393 m2 (sqm)
eigene Bodenfläche 16900 m2 (sqm)
Property for sale located in the village of Policzna, on a paved rural road, near the Kozienice-Zwoleńsk district road.
The plot of land with an area of 16,900 m2 has a shape similar to a rectangle.
The following utilities are connected to the developed part of the property: electricity, light and power, water supply from a drilled well. The area lighting, sewage system for the septic tank type and fencing the area (prefabricated spans and mesh on steel posts) were also made.
The plot is developed with the following office, social and workshop buildings: 1. brick production hall built in 1987. with a usable area of 644.90 m2.
It is a one-storey, one-storey building with a reinforced concrete structure, with walls made of 3NFD silicate brick.
The building has sanitary and social facilities.
The external gates and workshop-type steel windows, while the internal doors are wooden and the floors are concrete.
There is terracotta in the sanitary rooms.
The internal walls are smooth and whitewashed.
In social rooms there are oil panels on the walls.
The building has installations: electric, water, sewage and central heating from its own boiler room; 2. brick workshop building from 1985, usable area 372.60 m2.
A building with a mixed structure (brick and steel), one-storey, one-storey with a single-pitched roof, a flat roof.
At the front part of the building, a wooden open shelter was added.
The building has an electrical installation of light and power.
Concrete slab floor under the shelter;
3. wooden shelter from 2008.
with a total area of 165 m2, half-timbered structure made of softwood lumber.
Steel brackets and connectors.
4. brick auxiliary building from 1999.
with a usable area of 69.10 m2, one-storey, one-storey made of silicate and ceramic bricks with a gable roof.
Exterior doors and wooden windows, poured concrete floors, exterior walls plastered with cement-lime plaster.
The building has an electrical installation of light and power.
5. amenity and office building from 1989. with a usable area of 142.17 m2.
A free-standing brick building, without a basement, one-story building with an attic, gable roof; overhauled in 2001 It consists of office rooms, bathroom and toilet, boiler room, auxiliary and communication rooms (corridors, stairs).
There is a possibility of any arrangement of the attic.
The building has installations: electricity, water and sewage.
Electric spot heating.
6th steel shelter from 2018 usable area of 498.00 m2, one-storey, one-storey, with a load-bearing structure made of vertical steel columns, with walls enclosed by panels made of corrugated steel with a gable roof.
The building has an electrical installation.
The given price of PLN 999,000.00 is a net price.

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Preis 1 025 000,00 EUR
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