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Art Gerätestiele


Breite - mm
Durchmesser - mm
Länge - mm
Beschreibung It is an easy product to be made (by hand/ax) and has an agricultural look.
Prices delivery in 415100 Alesd Romania or prices ex works. You can give both if you like.

Our standard quality conditions are:

1) The wood is Acacia (Robinia Pseudoacacia)
2) The weight for each stick should be between 300 – 600 grams.

Herewith an example of a “weight test” in grams we did on a bundle of 50 sticks. (max total weight of bundel = 21-22 kg)

***** grams : 50 = 429 grams per stick

3) the curvation on the stick of max 3 cm
4) sticks are pointed
5) the biggest splinters must be taken of
6) no bark rests are allowed
7) no mould is allowed
8) package of 50 sticks
9) packaging 30 or more bundles per pallet
Measurements pallets
- length 60-80-100-120 cm (depends on length of sticks)
- width 110 / 115 cm
- height 240 cm max

If you can follow these instructions, you may send me your free sample/test of 25 sticks.
After examination/approval of this sample, you will be asked to make one full pallet which will be checked in Poppel Belgium. Transport will be paid by me.

After approval of this pallet with sticks in Belgium also the sticks will be paid.

After approval, the order will be given of a full truckload of sticks (approx 30.000 pieces). When the order is ready/finished I will
come to you (business trip) to examine the goods for acceptance/approval and when approved the payment will be done.

Do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Speak to you soon.

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