Dampfbehandlung, Polen

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Art Dampfbehandlung
Land Polen


Volumen 1 - 20 m3 pro Monat
Beschreibung Our company has a professional system for ammonia smoking ( fuming) wood elements which gives our Clients a remarkable quality and a very good even color. There are many advantages of the equipment we’re using which make our products the best in their class:

- the system we use works in low temperature what guarantee the stable moisture content of the element.
- advanced control over the process guarantee the even and recurrent color of the final product. The process is long and deep penetration gives smoked through elements.
- unique neutralization process which ensure the lowest possible ammonia emission in the product
- every load is checked in our lab for proper moisture content, emission and depth of smoking.
- we can modify oak, acacia and red oak.

We can offer modifying: top lamellas, furniture elements, wood strips.

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