Handelsvermittlung, Slowenien

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Art Handelsvermittlung


Beschreibung We are manufacturing and exporting woodwoorking engineering products such as horizontal bandsaws of different size and types, circular side and crossaws, multiblade crossaws (with one or two axis), machines for cutting thin logs, machines for sharpening bandsaw and circular blades, machines for pressing and egalizing bandsaw blades, machines for rolling bandsaw blades, machines for welding bandsaw blades and projection and manufacturing of complete production lines, in which the minimum number of workers are needed to achieve high capacity of cutting.

Further, we are looking for representatives with technical skills and knowledge of market based on Woodworking for our product. Also, we are requesting to you refer our products details on www.wravor.com

We would be very interested in talking with potential partners especially those who are already agents or distributors for complimentary machinery manufacturers that can be integrated with our systems to form a complete line

For further information please contact wravor@wravor.si.

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