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Kategorietyp Hacker und Schneidmühlen
Kategorie Hacker und Schneidmühlen
Marke Nanjing


Zustand des Produkts Neu
Herstellungsdatum 2018
Volumen 1 - 2018
Beschreibung We produce and supply drum chipper.chipper is used for wood based panel field or making paper field.
It is the first choice of equipment in the production of preparation session for other industrials and wood chips manufacturer to manufacture particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, pulp and paper. Similarly to bio-power plants and wood chip factories.
Our drum chipper including model:BX216,BX218,BX218D,BX2110,BX2113,BX2113A,BX2113-11,BX2113-13,BX2116,BX2120.
Product performance characteristics:
(1)the machines basement adopt heavy loading welding structure.
(2)The feeding roller material is made of special wear-resistant material, which improves durability and prolongs service life.
(3)The feeding rollers are divided into 4 pieces, which are convenient for maintenance and replacement, and improve production efficiency.
(4)The knife base adopts oil cylinder push and pull device to lighten the labor intensity of operators.
(5)The seat cover is provided with a broken rod, which plays the role of second bottom knives in cutting process, and carries out two times cutting of super large wood chips.
(6)The belt pulley and spindle are connected by locking expansion sleeve, which improves rotary accuracy and is easy to disassemble.
(7)The cutting part of knife roller adopts protective plate to prolong the service life of knife roller effectively.
(8)The bearing adopts high quality heavy-duty bearings to ensure the performance and life of the equipment under full load and continuous operation.
(9)The feeding port is wide and is suitable for the wide range of raw materials. The raw wood vibrate conveyor of our company can be matched according to the actual production demand. It can be smooth and evenly feed in all kinds of raw materials, so that the cutting section can run more efficiently.

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