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Kategorietyp Klebeausrüstung
Kategorie Bretterverleimmaschine
Marke W-TEAM


Zustand des Produkts Neu
Herstellungsdatum 2018
Volumen 1
Beschreibung Advantages
Continuous-flow batch production - automatic plank feeding and glued
Energy saving - “Cure on demand”
Cost saving & Labor Saving
Space Saving – faster stock turnover rate to reduce the required floor space
High yield - Short cycle adhesive curing and pressing time
Immediate planning or sanding after panels glued
High-quality solid wood panels - very low chances of sunken joints
High speed loading - only 3.5 sec to feed a timber
Maximum feeding length up to 6,000mm
After wood panels complete HF heating and pressing which can be sent to next processes for cutting, trimming, planning, sanding and palletized immediately

The automatic production line consisting of
Automatic lay-up station (for lamella feeding)
Controlled roller glue spreader (adhesive on the edge surface would be more even than manual)
Infeed roller conveyor
Automatic crosswise transfer robotic arm (to transport the side glued lamellas)
Automatic feeding composition of lamellas pusher(at the front-end of loading bed travel into press bed)
Through-feed belt conveyor
Loading bed
Radio frequency heating machine
Hydraulic press
Unloading bed
Crosscut saw (optional)
Top & bottom wide belt sander (optional)
Gantry-type vacuum lifter and crane system (optional)

The adhesive could be cured 60 to 90 seconds, the glued panels capable sent to the next fabrication processes, like trimming and sanding, the system can be interlinked with 4-sided moulder at the frontend, panel saw and top & bottom wide belt sander at the backend.

The introduction video on YouTube

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