Ipe , FSC, Rutschfester Belag (1 Seite)

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Holztyp Massivholz
Massivholztyp Südamerikanisches Laubholz
Holzart Ipe (Lapacho)
Hauptmerkmal FSC
Herkunft Brasilien
Region Prague
Art Rutschfester Belag (1 Seite)


Volumen 1 - 10000 m2 (sqm) pro Monat Konvertieren
Breite 145 mm Konvertieren
Länge 2010-6000 mm Konvertieren
Dicke 21 mm  Konvertieren
Qualität FAS
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  • Beschreibung

    Ipe is famous for its characteristics and properties. Ipe is one of the hardest woods globally, which lends to its incredible durability and longevity. It is also naturally resistant to insect attack, mould, rot, fire and decay. Ipe is highly resistant to water. Ipe is considered the highest quality and the best natural material for decking.

    Ipe heartwood is a rich brown with red and amber hues and varies considerably from board to board. Ipe wood decking grain is highly dense and tight, contrasting grain patterns. Due to the wood’s fine texture and interlocking grain, Ipe offers superior slip resistance.

    Benefits of Ipe decking
    • It is a rugged and durable material.
    • It is also naturally resistant to insect attack, mould, rot, fire and decay.
    • Ipe is highly resistant to water.
    • Its grain is exceptionally dense and tight.
    • It has a low life cycle cost.
    • It has natural low slippage qualities.

    Density: approx. 1200 kg / m3
    Kiln-dried: 20 +/- 2%
    Profiles: smooth/smooth
    Grade: FAS

    We supply a complete system of sophisticated accessories for proper installation, such as a wide range of fastening products and OSMO coatings.

    REAL DECK – the brand for Wooden Terraces – Quality guaranteed

    Real DECK has presented 26 years of experience in the Czech and international markets, with more than three million square meters of outdoor wooden decking sold and installed from European and exotic wood. A selection of tested wood species that flawlessly perform their purpose in the conditions of Central Europe gives the assurance of 100% material quality and recommended components for the long-term benefit of wooden decking with the increasing popularity of this material. From the beginning, our company has sought out the best processing plants in Southeast Asia, South America, Canada, China and Europe to ensure the long-term high and consistent quality of our supply materials. The outdoor wooden decking manufacturing process is under the constant control of our agents, who supervise the correct sorting of incoming material, drying, processing quality, storage and loading into shipping containers or trucks. Our business only considers natural materials that retain value and beauty - even with time. We only work with suppliers who respect sustainable forest management. By using wood, we protect non-renewable raw materials for future generations, and, in addition, we have a positive impact on our society, economy and the environment. It is essential for us that the public understands this concept and is aware of the positive effects of using wood in everyday life. Of all the possible materials that can be used for decking, we sell wood because we help to protect non-renewable raw materials, preserve sustainable forest management for future generations balance the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental Sea, road and rail transport of manufactured material to the final destination is provided by our own logistics department through direct shippers. Thanks to online tracking of shipments, a constant overview of the delivery date of the material to our warehouse is ensured.
    Depending on the wood species, REAL DECK outdoor wooden decking is either kiln-dried or air-dried, with storage areas adapted to its specific parameters. For kiln-dried material with a humidity of 14-18%, we have built rack storage systems inside the air-conditioned hall to ensure that changes in moisture and degradation of materials due to weathering are minimal. Each pallet is firmly stacked. Air-dried timber with humidity up to 20% is stored in outdoor covered racking systems, where it is left for approximately 1/3 of the year before the actual sale due to moisture stabilisation in Central Europe.

    For more information, please get in touch with us:
    Phone/Whatsapp: +420 608 052 451

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    Preis 71.05 - 73.18 EUR pro m2 (sqm) Konvertieren
    Incoterm EXW - ab Werk (des Anbieters) Land Tschechische Republik Region Prague
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