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Kategorietyp Pressen
Kategorie Lab Press
Marke Jin Hui


Zustand des Produkts Neu
Herstellungsdatum 2018
Volumen 1 - 5
Beschreibung As a woodworking equipment specialist, we provide not only the general hot press used for the plywood production line, but also the lab press used for making samples before mass production. This specially customized lab press is characterized by PLC system, accurate working temperature, time and pressure; it is ideal plywood machinery applicable for both the factory and laboratory.

Industrial PC control (IPC) or human-machine interface (HMI), PLC control, easy to operate;
2.Pressure control
The key components are imported from Germany and Japan; the speed control allows stepless adjustment; the system has stable performace;
3.Temperature control
the upper and lower hot presses can have temperatures set separately and the temperature difference automatically controlled, which can achieve high-precision control;
4.Close and open:
The time can be adjusted to meet various process requirements;
5.Working medium:
Steam, heat transfer oil, saturated water, electricity;
6.Horizontal cylinder can be added.

Model Total pressure(KN) Working format (mm) Distance between layers(mm) Quantity of layers
BY601X1/0.1 100 300X300 200 1
BY601X1/0.5 500 300X300 (400X400for option) 200(300 for option) 1
BY601X1/1.0 1000 500x500 300 1
BY602X2/3.6 3600 610x610 300 1
BY102X2/2.5 2500 500X500 250 2

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