Europäisches Laubholz, Türen, Massivholz

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Art Türen
Hauptmaterial Massivholz
Massivholztyp Europäisches Laubholz
Holzart Bog Oak


Volumen 100 Stück pro Monat
Zertifizierung The certificate specifies the age of the wood
Sliding doors made of bog oak 600-6500 years old.
This wood extracted. It characterized by a hardness, a unique color. Wood took on unique characteristics as a result of multi-thousandth of aging under water. Bog Oak we have in stock is 600 – 6500 years old. In order to examine the age of the wood, we send samples of it to the National Institute of Science which examines them by the method radiocarbon C14 or dendrochronological. The first determines the age of the wood with the accuracy of 50 years, the second up to one a year. We offer logs, lumber, slabs, boards, veneer, furniture, walls and floors.
#mooreiche, sorta, lumber, black oak

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