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CUTTING wood houses are made of overlapping beams that can be made of round, half-round or rectangular profiles. Wooden houses can have multiple destinations: garden houses, houses, holiday homes, lodges or guesthouses and even office buildings. The model pictured above, is made of rectangular beams of wood, with sectional useful height and thickness of 0.08M 0.12M, combined with horizontal double tongue and groove panels and corners are housed. We can achieve beams houses Chert wall thickness from 0.04 to 0,14m, solid or laminated. Basically, these differences determine the price per square cube wooden structure CUTTING. The structure of the house includes exterior walls, interior walls, floor joists and beams. The wood used is of good quality, with high densities, not shooting shows big knots, blue stains or mold. The ideal humidity drying brought professional and layered, resulting milled beams double T & G. It is treated against pests and finished with water-based ecological paint preferences beneficiary. Double housed method but excluding extension by piecing together beams, housed require additional to labor provides simple but solid and tight joints. CUTTING wooden homes can be insulated inside with quality materials, mineral wool or extruded polystyrene sheet anti and bituminous membrane. Also can be equipped with wood joinery, paneling in various patterns, wooden floors, stairs etc. Whether it is a usable rarely home, whether it is a house, wooden house CUTTING meet any needs of comfort is a quick construction solution but also an economic one. To get the details you need please contact us. - Translated with google

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