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Holztyp Massivholz
Massivholztyp Europäisches Nadelholz
Holzart Lärche (Larix spp.)
Herkunft Österreich
Art Rutschfester Belag (1 Seite)


Volumen 2500.0 - 10000.0 m2 (sqm) Spot - 1 Mal
Breite 110 mm
Länge 4000 mm
Dicke 20 mm
Qualität A; B
Zertifizierung PEFC/FFC
Beschreibung Buy floors Outdoor prized larch national type-slip decking with planed on 4 sides, GOOD FOR EXTERNAL FLOORS OF POOLS, GARDENS, TERRACES, ETC The Larch is a hard wood, very compact, slow-growing, resilient and incredibly resistant to moisture . And 'characterized by pinkish or reddish heartwood and sapwood yellowish rings clear. The Larch wood is considered as the best timber for the European construction outside, for its excellent weather resistance from mechanical point of view has a flexural strength of 30% above the fir thanks to greater compactness of its fibers: this allows to reduce the cross sections of individual elements and obtain more slender structures and reduce, consequently, also the costs of the structure. thickness 20 mm width com. 10 cm or 13 cm length 4 meters Price: 10 Euro per square meter ----------------------------------- ------------- THICKNESS: 25 mm Width com. mm 100/120/150 mm Length 4 meters Price: 12 Euro per square meter --------------------------------- --------------- THICKNESS: 32 mm Width com. 120 mm Length 4 meters Price: 16 Euro per square meter offer valid except unsold Minimum purchase 2,500 square meters Refrain LOSE TIME

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Preis 10 EUR pro m2 (sqm)
Incoterm EXW - ab Werk (des Anbieters)
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