Fordaq FAQ

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How to find exporters

Buy subscription – go to My Subscription and click on the Customs data tab
  • If you wish to find Russian Exporters we recommend you buy a subscription to the Russian Export data. This data is available till end of 2016 and is not updated. It does not include contact data. But the larger Russian exporters will not change.
  • If you wish to find exporters in other countries we recommend you buy the US import data. This database will give you access to a large number of exporters of wood products to the US. It does not include contact data of the exporters.

  • Start using the database – go in the Directory and click on Customs Data tab.
  • Use the filters on the left-hand side to define the product types and exporter countries you are interested in.
  • Then click on the company names and check the data available
  • We recommend you do not use the send message functionality because in most cases these emails are not correct or the contact person is not right. Calling the companies is a better option.